[Eighth]Happy 8th Anniversary to the group I chose to be my main fandom: loved you then and love you still.
Woah you got that far already even though you're not 10JUMP anymore ( I'm being nostalgic here xD ), you still completed the hole that was left in every fangirls' heart. This may sound cheesy but I love you so much guysssss :))) Please continue on making us happy and stress-free but although sometimes you really makes us stress. Hahaha.


One glance at you guys can make me very happy. Continue loving your jobs and the people around you guys and be passionate with it. More projects for each one of you and more singles, albums, dramas, concerts for the group! Ganbatte minna! Daisuki dayooooo~! I'm so proud of you guys! I'll always support you !
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These days I'm getting more and more busier. I can't even flail. I noticed that I don't have time to do fangirling stuffs like what I did last summer & even when I was still 2nd year HS. It makes me sad :((( I feel depressed 😭 Though I go home early, I study and do my assignments immediately and get tired so instead of surfing the net, I sleep right after I finished my school works. So stressful. Nah.

Toxic Love - Johnny's WEST

I romanized the song Toxic Love by Johnny's WEST :)))

[Amai Toxic Love I want you now ♪♪]I’ve been stuck in this Toxic Love
So listen to me now, let’s go
Yeah woo…
Get ready for this 1, 2, 3
Here we go!

Tsuki na tsumetai hikari e to
Nigedashitara mi o hisomeyou
Hoho no rain o yubi de nazotte
Tojita mabuta ni Kiss kiss kiss oh

Nijimu akatsuki kasaneta yubi ni
Shizuka ni hikaru tsumi ni kogoe teru
Furete Hot hot hot
Kimi ni touch touch touch
Ubai saritai

Baby baby baby
Love me love me love me
Kasaneta hada ni ( tomerarenai kiss me )
Baby baby baby
Kiss me kiss me kiss me
Amai Toxic Love I want you now

Kiss kiss nureta kuchibiru de
Hey girl ima sugu oshiete
Hoteru hada ni midareta kami wa
Gomakasenai yo yeah oh yeah

Mitsumeru hitomi koboreta shizuku
Ima nomihoseba tsumi o keseru ka na?
Marude Trap trap trap
Koko ni Stuck stuck stuck
Momodorenai yeah let’s go

Baby baby baby
Show me show me show me
Fureta nukumori ( ima kanjitai touch me )
Baby baby baby
Touch me touch me touch me
Kimi no Toxic Love I need you now

You’re toxic… yeah
Make you mine… ha… yeah let’s go
Mo nukedase wa shinai Love
Unmei sae mo Upside down
Boku no mono hana wanai tte
Wakatterunoni tsumi o kasanete ku
Yoake mae ni wa Far away
Kimi no satta bokunoheya de
Nokotta kaori Thinkin’ about you
Mo isso kimi o kowashitaku naru

Baby baby baby kimi no subetewo
Love me love me love me hitorijime shitai

Baby baby baby
Love me love me love me
Kasaneta hada ni ( tomerarenai kiss me )
Baby baby baby
Kiss me kiss me kiss me
Amai Toxic Love I want you now

Mo kore de aenai nante
Ii kaketa kuchibiru fusaide
Tsukanoma no ai ya shiawase
Moyasu no sa hai ni naru made

Baby baby baby
Love me love me love me
Amai Toxic Love ( Give me love… )

Owari ^^
Please credit if reposting! :) thanks!
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Certain someone's birthday 🐷

Since it's already May 9 in Japan, I want to greet my ichiban in Hey! Say! JUMP a Happy Birthday :)))


[For Piggy-sama ❤😘]Happy 22nd Birthday Ryosuke Yamada. You're getting older now but you're still the most handsome and cutest person I loved. I really love the way you love Hey! Say! JUMP :)). Anyway, it's been 2 years since you became my ichiban, and that was on May 6, 2013 as far as I can remember. I can't believe that I lasted that long admiring you! ☺☺

There are really something in you which I really love. I guess your looks is one of it but aside from that I love you because you're great. A great singer, a great dancer and of course a great young actor that can make almost everyone proud. You are really something.

I know that you will never ever have the chance reading this disgustingly sweet message of mine, but in this way I could show or express how much I really love the Ryosuke Yamada I've known and idolized for years now. Realization hit me earlier, making you as my ichiban was one of the best things in my life, like seriously.

Keep smiling honey. Just stay whoever you are :)) Just be yourself :* I love you so much! //showers you a lot of kisses and hugs//.

And also, I covered Hey! Say! JUMP's Candle, so mind listening to it ? Thank you ^^

Going to mention someone :))) Hi neechan yamagumi23
Since you mentioned me in your message for YK I'll mention you here too! ^^
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[Short Thoughts about EVERGREEN]

So, GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE will be releasing a new single entitled 'Evergreen'. It was announced last month as far as I can remember. It think it includes the 'Hard Knock Days', the opening theme of one of the most popular anime series, One Piece.

Anyway, the MV is out since 04/13/15 and I just saw it earlier.
Wohooo! The video effects, hmm it's nice, peaceful effects. About the people dancing behind them, it's a nice idea, it looks like a very teenage-like video. I love the catchy beat of the song. I love the 'young' and cool aura of it.

I nearly cried because cameraman-san is focusing on their faces and my heart went doki doki, especially Reo, Ryota and Alan's (I'm not being biased here, but it's true ^^). The video is somewhat stimulating because it is something imaginative.

There's a part of the MV that Reo's the center and... and he was so cute at the same time so cool~ Hahaha, just noticed that big stereo ( ? ) with green lights on it, I find it unique huh! And there's a part that I like, it was when Reo, Mandy, Yuta, Alan and Hayato danced together. They were so synchronized and of course, they are so full of energy.

The single's cover is out too!
Check it out! :))

This one is for the CD + DVD


This one is for the CD only


Brace yourself for the EVERGREEN MV :))
Watch it here:

Happy 7th Anniversary Hey! Say! JUMP

I'm so happy for JUMP! Now it's their 7th anniversary & I'm so proud to all of them for making the group be more popular <3
Finally, finally! They reached 7 years already *O* /tears of joy/
I love you all guys! :*
Dont ya worry I'll be going to Japan maybe 4-5 years from now. XD
And I'll definitely marry you all guys. XD loljk
skdhsajgdhsjad. Love you so much JUMP <3 <3 <3